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Brand Japan - Greeting from the president

After the experience of being agricultural consultants for 15 years, we established Brand Japan Co., LTD on July, 2006 as an agricultural food company with a theme of beauty and health. Production to consumption, we promote new way of branding food with a newer point of view aiming for being an agricultural business company.

Conventional way of branding food used to give accuracy such as reliable quality and freshness with producers strong thoughts on front, however, it has gotten more difficult due to intensification of competitions among production sources, similar products appearing on the markets, and new entry to agricultural field.

We believe that it is necessary to create new value of "shop-brand" with a theme of beauty and health from the point of consumption, which gives impressed and unforgetable taste and serves refined hospitality to customers, making use of potential power of ingredients. And we believe that that is the answer to the new modern way of branding food. Not with a view from production to consumption, but with a view from consumption to production, we keep on taking a part of Japanese food industry and its agriculture as an agricultural food company to develop the business world wide including Japan.

Brand Japan Co., LTD