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Brand Japan - Business Profile

Producing Business

We do consignment producing with producers from superior sources.

[ Production net-work chart ]

Processing Business

We process toamtoes into kinds of tomato sauce and other merchandise at our captive factory. Tomato juice is required to be fresh taste, so we also do consignment producing in each source.

Collecting and Shipping Business

We do collecting, sorting, picking, and shipping fresh tomatoes, tomato juice, and other tomato merchandise at our captive distribution center in order to do stable supply.

Restaurant Business


We have 7 restaurants mostly in greater Tokyo area at present. We are planning to develop not only in Tokyo area, but also west and south areas all over Japan.


The frist Celeb de TOMATO China restaurant opened in Shanghai World Financial Center on December 2012, and the second one on March 2013. We are aggressively spreading our tomato brand out to the world.
We are always wide open to the world, looking for international partners.

Wholesale Business

With a theme " same taste, at home", we do wholesale freash tomatoes, tomato juice, and other tomato merchandise to major supermarkets.

Consulting Business

We tackle every single subject and issue with 20-year experience as an agricultural consultant.

Regional vitalizating project
  • Guiding of fostering agricultural business of next generation
  • Advising on new agricultural industry projects
  • Supporting for collaboration between agriculture, commerce, and industry projects
  • Developing of activated business plans depending on local characteristics
Developing and improving local products
  • Developing and improving local special products
  • Developing of markets
  • Improving of managing system of local interchange facilities
  • Package designing
  • Constructing of direct marketing system and creating websites

On-line ordering business

We conjugate the online sale on our website as a test marketing to get to know the customers' wants, which helps us to get ideas for new products.

»Celeb de TOMATO on-line ordering page (Japanese language)