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Celeb de TOMATO The specialty store of the selected tomatoes.

Céléb de TOMATO
The specialty store of the selected tomatoes.

Celeb de TOMATO is the symphony of the tomatoes.

Dear Customers

There are aspects of tomatoes that you have never known yet. They give you surprises of elegance and shine of colors. You will be satisfied with every cuisine and aspect of the tomatoes. Now we are here to welcome our dear customers at Celeb de TOMATO.

The world knows tomatoes. Tomatoes are the symbol of beauty and health, and they are particularly sweetheart food among others.

We found that tomatoes had been such potential food to make up a series of cuisine, hours d'oeuvre to dessert, which definitely attracts and entertains people. Therefore, we started to gather tomatoes from the sources all over in Japan, selecting the best ones, and opened the first Celeb de TOMATO store in 2006.

At Celeb de TOMATO, we give our customers surprises with the tomatoes, not only as cuisine but also as gifts.

Celeb de TOMATO is a new type of a restaurant combined with a shop, the rest-shop, which has the tomato line-ups of cuisine and merchandise, started in Japan.

We fuse the quality technique of tomato production established in Japan and our brand Celeb de TOMATO into the new type of food business. Now the Celeb de TOMATO has begun its story out to the world.

Hirotaka Yoshimoto

Chief Executive Officer
Brand Japan Co., LTD